(कृषि और सहकारिता विभाग, कृषि एवं किसान कल्याण मंत्रालय, भारत सरकार के अधीन शत–प्रतिशत सहायता अनुदान प्राप्त संस्थान)
गणेश खिंड मार्ग, पुणे - 411 007, महाराष्ट्र, भारत

अनुसंधान परियोजनाएं
शीर्षक लेखक डाउनलोड Status
Impact of Revival Package under the Short Term Credit Structure: A Study with reference to Orissa and West Bengal.(NCUI Sponsored) (2014-2015) डाउनलोड
Comparative Study of the Self Reliant Act of Select States.(NCUI Sponsored) (2014-2015) डाउनलोड Completed
Capacity Need Assessment of Dairy Cooperatives Sponsored by VKCoE, IRMA, Anand (2019-2021) Dr. K. K. Tripathy डाउनलोड Completed
The Study on Viability and Diversification of Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS) in Talegaon (Institute Sponsored) (2019-2021) Dr. Sneha Kumari डाउनलोड Completed
Nanniyode Service Cooperative Bank Ltd (NSCBL): An Analytical Study (2019-2021) Dr. Manisha Paliwal डाउनलोड Completed
NABARD Project on Diagnostic Study of C & D Graded Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs)-(NABARD sponsored) (2019-2021) Dr. Sneha Kumari डाउनलोड Completed
Evaluation of the Financial Performance of Dnyandeep Cooperative Credit Society (2019-2021) Dr. Girish Mangleek डाउनलोड Completed
Success Story on Anukarniya Cooperative (2019-2021) Anil Kumar Tiwary डाउनलोड Completed
Agro Tourism Financing by Satara District Central Cooperative Bank (2019-2021) डाउनलोड Completed
Perseverance: Key for Managing Social Enterprise: A Case Study of Devnadi Valley Agricultural Producer Company Ltd (2019-2021) डाउनलोड Completed