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Research & Publications
Type Title Author Download
Research Projects Amendments to State Cooperative Societies Acts: An In-depth Study with Reference to Constitution Amendment Act 2011.(NCUI Sponsored) (2014-2015) Download
Others Proceedings of the Global Conclave on Structural changes required for Innovative Agricultural Value Chain: Opportunities ahead for Collectives 12-13 February, 2021 Dr. K. K. Tripathy Download
Articles कोविड -19 के मद्देनजर सहकारिता की शक्ति की पहचान Download
Articles International Cooperative Day - Building resilient and empowered Cooperatives Role of VAMNICOM Download
Research Projects Turn around Strategy of a District Central Cooperative Bank: A Study with Reference to Sangli District Central Cooperative Bank (Maharashtra) (NCUI Sponsored) (2014-2015) Dr. Yashwant S. Patil Download
Research Projects An Institutional Mechanism for Distribution of Water-Role of Water User Cooperatives (NCUI Sponsored) (2014-2015) Download
Research Projects Impact of Revival Package under the Short Term Credit Structure: A Study with reference to Orissa and West Bengal.(NCUI Sponsored) (2014-2015) Download
Research Projects Comparative Study of the Self Reliant Act of Select States.(NCUI Sponsored) (2014-2015) Download
Research Projects Capacity Need Assessment of Dairy Cooperatives Sponsored by VKCoE, IRMA, Anand (2019-2021) Dr. K. K. Tripathy Download
Research Projects The Study on Viability and Diversification of Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS) in Talegaon (Institute Sponsored) (2019-2021) Dr. Sneha Kumari Download