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Student's Activity
Student Societies
Parallel to Academic life at VAMNICOM runs the vibrating and enthusiastic rhythm of the student's socio-cultural life. Active, professionally managed student Committee provides a forum for interaction amongst themselves, alumni, faculty and corporate experts.


1) The Corporate Relationship Cell - (BANDHAN) 

The placement committee (PCOM) is a team of highly motivated students, mentored by a faculty member, work towards achieving the goal of obtaining the desired placement offers for the students in terms of both profiles and organizations to work with. In addition, the placement committee plays an instrumental role in developing and sustaining a mutually beneficial long term relationship with the industry. The committee also makes pitches to new companies and makes them aware of the rapid developments happening in our institute. Guest lectures and Industry Interface Sessions are hosted by the committee. BANDHAN is the only key corporate communications channel regarding summer and Executive recruitment.

2) The Alumni Committee - (SUTRA)

Developing and maintaining a strong alumni association programme is essential for the growth and progress of an institution. The institute had produced many stalwarts Vamnians sutra ensures to energies the symbiotic relationship fostered through initiatives taken by the Committee. To create and maintain a consolidated and updated alumni database, build a strong relationship between the department and the alumni and to create a structured framework for the committee to work, keeping in mind its future prospects. Managing regular campus visits and interaction by eminent Alumni for workshops and guest lectures. The interaction culminates at ‘Sutra’ the annual get-together where all alumni gather and share their experience with one another.

Events Organized by the Alumni Committee:

a) Convocation
The pass out batch comes to the Campus for the convocation. In their respect, we organize a function where the essence of the ethnicity coheres with the Business minds of the Department

b) Sutra
It is annual alumni meet organized in the Campus, where in all Vamnians are invited. It provides a platform for the alumni from various batches to interact with each other as well as the faculty and the students.

c) Chapter Meets
These meetings are organized in various cities across the country to keep in touch with our Alumni and share with them their valuable experiences after passing out. Cities like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Bangalore & Kolkata.


3) The Sports Committee - (URJA)

Vamnians believe in sweating it out, be it in the classroom or the sports field. Regular sports events are organized to make the campus vibrant and full of life. Sports facilities are provided for Table Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton and Basketball. Organise Management Games like Mad-ads, B-Quiz, B-Plans, Paper presentations and other Management Games. These events keep students fresh and dynamic.

4) The Academic Committee – (VIDYA) 

The Academic Committee looks leading edge academic learning is at the core of VAMNICOM & all academic activities in the campus related to pedagogy and faculty-student interactions. The Committee worked for the up gradation in course curriculum, Study Visits & Educational tours to match the current requirement of Corporate.

5) The Seminar Committee – (SANYOJJAN)

The Seminar Committee is the central body for organizing Seminars, Workshops & Brainstorming sessions on current generous issues in Agri Business Management with the objective to provide a supplementing student’s knowledge, and strengthen the relations between Industry and VAMNICOM.

6) The Cultural Committee – (SRIJAN)

The Cultural Committee makes the campus pulsating and vivacious with active student’s participation in the events with their own inherent diversified cultural background. It also improves the dynamic participations in different B-school events. Right from standing upright with the hands across the chest for the nation to celebrating the various festivals of the country, cultural club sprinkles color on the mood of VAMNICOM. The club’s competency lies in grabbing any opportunity to celebrate and spread smiles across faces. 

7) The Web Committee – (DHRUVA)

The Web Committee actively updates all the recent updates of the institute Dhruva also responds the queries related to Institute and Agri Business Management. The committee actively maintains the website looks and content as per change. 

8) The Newsletter Committee

  Events Throughout the Year:
  • Induction to fresher’s
  • Seminar
  • Workshop
  • Guest Lecture
  • Sutra- Alumni meet
  • Chapters
  • Placement Presentation
  • Placement Conversation
  • Placement week
  • Spardha- An annual fest