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NCUI Scholarship of Rs. 40,000/- per annum is given to six students as per the norms of National Cooperative Union of India.

IFFCO Scholarship of Rs. 15,000/- per annum is given to Two SC and One ST students on merit basis.

CICTAB Meritorious Award for two  students of India & two  Foreign Nationals.

Govt. of India, Ministry of Social Welfare/ Tibal Affairs, Post Matric Scholarships for SC/ST students.

GOI Freeship / Scholarship  is available for the students of SC/ST/OBC/VJNT.  Students are required to apply to  Social Welfare Department of their concerned state to which they belong.


As part of a MoU between VAMNICOM and National Institute of Co-operative Development (NICD), Sri Lanka, two of the PGDM students will get Summer Internship at Sri Lanka. Under this agreement, VAMNICOM provides one way air travel expenditure from Mumbai or to and fro air travel expenditure from Chennai/Bangalore. Lodging & boarding facilities are provided by NICD, Sri Lanka.