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Course Structure
Term Subject Credit
First Term
(Four Months)


Management concept & Organizational Behaviour 1.0
Financial Accounting 1.0
Essentials of Marketing Management 1.0
Statistics for decision making 1.0
Managerial Communication  1.0
Business Laws 1.0
Human Resource Management  1.0
Industrial Relations Management  1.0
Negotiation & Conflict Management 1.0
Managerial Economics 1.0
Second Term
(Four Months) 
Database Management  1.0
International Trade  1.0
Introduction to Financial Management 1.0
Quality Management 0.5
Sustainable Business practices  0.5
Research Methodology  1.0
Information Systems for Business 1.0
Productions and Operations Management  1.0
Corporate Governance and ethics 1.0
Taxation  0.5
Cost and Management Accounting 1.0
Corporate Social Responsibility  0.5
April – July
(Four Months) 
Business Analytics 0.5
Advanced Financial Management  1.0
Strategic Management 1.0
Project Management 0.5
Marketing Management
Any Five Subjects
Brand Management  1.0
Supply Chain Management & Logistic Management  1.0  
Rural Marketing  1.0  
Digital Marketing  1.0  
Sales and Distribution Management  1.0  
Customer Relationship Management  1.0  
Consumer Behaviour  1.0  
Finance Management
Any Five Subjects
Introduction to Financial Markets and Institutions  1.0
Banking and Insurance  1.0
Corporate Finance  1.0
International Finance  1.0
Derivative Markets  1.0
Agriculture finance & Rural credit  1.0
Security & Portfolio Management  1.0
Advanced Tax Planning  1.0
Legal aspects of Finance 0.5
Behavioral Finance 0.5
Mergers and Acquisition 1.0
Management Control and Organizational performance  1.0
Human Resource Management
Any Five



Labour Management Relations  1.0
Performance Appraisal & Counselling  1.0
Training and Development  1.0
Social Security and Wage Legislation 1.0
International HRM 1.0
Management of Change 1.0
Leadership 0.5
Public Policy 0.5
Any Five Subjects


Laws for Cooperatives and Collectives  1.0
Managing Collectives  1.0
Management of Non-Profit Organizations 0.5
Social Entrepreneurship  0.5
Agri- Input Marketing 0.5
Crop Insurance 0.5
Agriculture finance & Rural Credit 1.0
Business, Environment and Society 1.0
Management Control and Organizational performance  1.0
Any Five Subjects


Management Control and Organizational performance  1.0
Consumer Behaviour  1.0
Derivatives 0.5
Security and Portfolio Management  0.5
Social Entrepreneurship  0.5
Establishing Business  0.5
Management of Collectives 0.5
Technology and Innovation 0.5
Business, Environment and Society 0.5
Fourth Term
(12 Weeks)

Project Internship


  1. Project Evaluation Committee will be constituted by the Director with members as follows:
  • Faculty Dean (Academics)
  • Faculty Guide
  • Reporting Officer                                                                                        This Committee will oversee the project life cycle and evaluate
  1. Identification of Problem statement will be done by the candidate / sponsoring organization.
  2. Statement of purpose, approach, time line and deliverables will be presented to the interested faculty of the concerned area for acceptance.
  3. Faculty concerned will guide.
  4. The guide and the candidate will choose an organization and obtain permission to execute the project, if the candidate is not sponsored. International collaboration may be explored in consultation with the sponsoring organization to facilitate the candidate to add value to the project.
  5. The guide, candidate and the reporting officer of the sponsoring organization will work on commonly agreed time line and expected deliverables.
  6. VAMNICOM will explore and design policy for sponsorship. Preferably the participating organization. Protocol for the purpose will be approved by the Director, VAMNICOM.
  7. The candidate will present the findings / demonstrate the results to the faculty of the VAMNICOM and representatives of the sponsoring organization.
  8. Evaluation will be done by faculty guide, reporting officer and feedback from the class presentation.

VAMNICOM is continuously reviewing the PGDM Executive programme for the best possible experience for its students. The Institute reserves the right to change, curriculum,rules or fees.