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Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing

Kindly Register to the Digital Marketing Pogramme on the following link: https://tinyurl.com/y3t4a26e



Vaikunth Mehta National Institute of Cooperative Management (VAMNICOM), Pune is an apex premier institute of cooperative training, research and education. It is conceived as an intellectual nerve centre for the all-round development of cooperatives. Being a leading institute of co-operative management in the country, The institute proposed a complete 3-month certification course for the Digital Marketing. The course will include a complete curriculum for creating basic understanding of the Digital Marketing to practical training for the participants. The objective is to ensure that at the end of the course the participants will be able to adapt the digital marketing technologies in their workplace.



  • To familiarize the participants to the digital world of marketing.
  • To make them understand the utility and different aspects of digital marketing
  • To handhold the participants through the learning process of all the tools of the Digital marketing.
  • To assist in making digital media plans with professionalism.

Kindly Register to the Digital Marketing Pogramme on the following link: https://tinyurl.com/y3t4a26e

For any queries Contact:

Programme Director   :       Dr.  Neeraj Dubey ( Telephone :    020-25701000 (Extn: 219) / Mobile : 8605161321



The course is open to all aspirants’ preferably young in-service or prospective FPO /Cooperative / Govt/ Private Employees (Executives/ Managers/ BODs)

Graduate in any of the streams will be eligible for this course. A relaxation to the rule may be considered for participant having a minimum of 5 year working experience.



Nominations may be sent in the prescribed proforma (available at www.vamnicom.gov.in) to the Director, VAMNICOM, Pune 411 007, Maharashtra. Course would commence from 1st February, 2021. Last date for receipt of nomination at VAMNICOM is 25th January 2021. Intake: Total Seats– 40 Date of ending of course is 30th April, 2021.



This course exposes the candidates to the importance of Digital Marketing and Social Media Platforms. It makes them market ready with Digital experiences that enables them to apply their knowledge in work situations and also to develop appropriate skills in evaluating and implementing cost effective communications to achieve the objectives. Candidates also get relevant exposure in E-Commerce in India and can use the knowledge and skills developed in the course to explore entrepreneurial opportunities in this area.

Curriculum of the course is divided into 5 Modules as under:

Module No 

Module I
Overview of marketing

Module II
Fundamentals of DM

Module III
Social Media Marketing

Module IV
Advance approaches of DM

Module V



Contact Details

Program Director :
Dr. Neeraj Dubey

Telephone :
020-25701000 (Extn: 219)

Mobile :

Email :

Website :

Title of the Module Theory Contents No. of sessions Credit
MODULE I Overview of Marketing
  1.  Insight into Basic Marketing.
  2.  Introduction to digital marketing.
  3. Positioning and targeting.
  4. Online and offline marketing approaches for FPOs/ cooperatives.
  5. Open questions on marketing and discussion
10 1.0
MODULE II Fundamentals of Digital Marketing   2.0
MODULE II -A Overview of Digital Marketing
  1. The evolution and the changing Digital Media of Internet. Different aspects of DM.
  2. Business Models & Strategies.
  3. Introduction to the Digital Jargon.
  4. Making Digital Blueprint – Concept of Blueprint & its utility
MODULE II - B Customer Acquisition
  1. Customer acquisition – Social Media, Email, Video etc.
  2. Media habits
  3. Building Internet brands,
  4. Types Online advertising & targeting
MODULE II - C The use of Google and Bing for Digital Marketing
  1. Examination of Google AdWords,
  2. Utilization of Google Tools by Small Businesses,
  3. Utilization of Google Tools by Enterprises and Corporations
  4.  Introduction to Instagram and Pinterest
MODULE II - D SEO & Email Marketing

     5. Methods of Search Engine                 Optimization
     6. Email marketing tools
     7. Content marketing

MODULE III Social Media & Display marketing   2.0
MODULE III - A Facebook Marketing Tools
  1. Use of Facebook as a Marketing Tool on Digital Media,
  2. Examination of the Facebook Platform and its various tools for advertisers,
  3.  User behavior on Facebook, A Look at Facebook Premium Ad Solutions, Reading Facebook Page Facebook Mobile & its benefits
MODULE III - B Linked In & Twitter and marketing
  1. Use of LinkedIn profile,
  2. LinkedIn Company pages for marketing,
  3. Twitter for marketing
MODULE III-C Display Marketing Tools on Digital Media
  1. Using Banners for Advertising, Advertising Dimensions, creating a Digital Media Plan,
  2. Evaluation of a Digital Media plan on the basis of Reach and Frequency, Other Tools to Valuate Digital Media (CPC/ CPF/ CPV), Use Apps in digital marketing
MODULE - IV Advance approaches of DM   2.0
MODULE IV -A Viral Marketing
  1. A Look at the Top ‘Viral’ Marketing campaigns on Social Media,
  2. Forms of Viral Marketing
MODULE IV - B Use of Video in Internet Marketing
  1.  A Look at video marketing tools on the Internet, Examination of YouTube Video Ad Platform,
  2. How YouTube is being used as a Video Search
  3. YouTube Analytics
MODULE IV - C Application of DM Session will be devoted to candidates so that they can gets hands on experience of a DM plan for their organization and latest development in the field of DM 8  
MODULE - V Project   3.0


The Course fee for the participants from India is Rs. 20,000/-. Foreign nationals are required to pay $270/- as course fee. The fee also covers stay in AC room (on single room occupancy basis) in the officers’ Hostel, boarding facilities and study visits during contact classes for one week in the third month of the course.

    Total Fees

       ₹20,000 - for Indians /  $270/- for foreign nationals


The fee may be paid by demand draft to the "Director, VAMNICOM, Pune" or by NEFT to:

A/C NAME : Director VAMNICOM, Pune


A/C NO. : ZSKUNT0000100097

NAME OF THE BANK : Saraswat Cooperative Bank Ltd