(A Grant-in-aid Institution under Ministry of Cooperation, Government of India)
Ganeshkhind Road, Near Pune University, Pune - 411007, Maharashtra, India

About DMCO

The unique Diploma in Management of Computer Operations for Cooperatives is an exclusive Diploma and first of its kind in the country. The contents of the Diploma are based on actual requirements of Cooperative Institutions like Banks, Sugar Factories and Dairy Cooperatives and therefore, will go a long way in systematic implementation of computerisation to achieve expected results through computerisation. The Diploma is, therefore, moulded into various Modules and components which will take care of handling of IT operations at VAMNICOM as well as in their respective organisations during their one month Project Placement. The Course Curriculaum of this Diploma will help the participating staff/officers to shoulder the challenging responsibility of IT Security, Data Base Administration etc. This Diploma is approved by NCCT, New Delhi.


The Diploma aims to cover following objectives :

1. To make aware of IT operations

2. To acquaint with emerging technology challenges

3. To explain the role of individuals in IT operations and importance of segregation of duties

4. To equip IT staff/officers in procedural aspects of IT operations

5. To familiarise with various aspects and its importance in computerised environment.

DURATION : 3 months

( Two months at VAMNICOM & one month at Sponsoring Organisation )