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About Alcom

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About Alcom

Distinguised Alumni Award has been instituted since last year. Process of calling nomination for this year has begun. Please visit News and Announcement section on home page of website for further details.

About Alumni Committee

Vamnicom has successfully churned out more than 1100 efficient corporate in 24 years and presented to this industry both in India and abroad. We the alumni committee present you this magnificent way of getting in touch with your dear ones.

As we walk down the memory aisle and we realize the days of our learning and immense enjoyments which remain etched in our memories forever and refuse to let go. The embrace of these memories is so enchanting that it can only be expressed with tears of nostalgia. Our alumni committee is here to give you the pleasure of returning back to the joy of our institute and also get linked professionally with our vamnians.

Vamnicom alumni committee is a crucial component of success of the institute and poses to be the link between the students and vamnicom.

The prime aim of our committee is providing information in order to maintain an eternal bond through participation in various events on campus and platform for networking with vamnians. We have created Facebook page Vamnian and got presence through LinkedIn to enable Alumni to remain in touch with Institute regularly. Hope you are connected to us through the same.

This exclusive section on Alumni will provide you to access contact details of your batch mates, to know the latest buzz in the market and also visit your dear juniors who are going to step in your shoes soon.