Course Overview

    Centre for Cooperative Management (CCM) under the roof of VAMNICOM conducts Post Graduate Diploma in Cooperative Business Management (PGDCBM) since 1967, though earlier titled as Diploma in Cooperative Business Management, to ensure quality management education for Executives of Cooperatives in India and SAARC nations. The fundamental objective of the course is to provide opportunities to the executives in the cooperative sector to develop their managerial skills through constant exposure to modern management concepts, methods and techniques and to infuse a high order of enterprise management into the cooperative sector. The programme has been designed for in-service senior-level personnel working in Cooperative Organizations and Departments and youth who wants to take Entrepreneurship in Cooperative. Thus, the programme enables participants from the Co-operative and allied areas to equip with the appropriate managerial know-how to meet the emerging challenges of today’s business environment. The Ministry of Cooperation has taken several steps to strengthen and expand the cooperative sector. These include making PACS multipurpose, computerizing them, establishing new multipurpose societies in every village, implementing a decentralized grain storage program, providing tax relief and financial support to cooperative societies, facilitating their inclusion in government programs, and establishing a National Cooperative University. These measures aim to achieving Sahakar se Samrudhi mission (Prosperity through Cooperation). With these recent initiatives at the policy & programme level, human resource associated with the cooperatives have to be equipped with the latest management concepts & techniques suiting to the changing context at national & global level for cooperatives. Therefore, PGDCBM programme has been restructured with the revised curriculum with the duration of 36 weeks 20 Weeks Online Teaching-Learning, 6 weeks on Campus Teaching/Learning Components and 10 Weeks for the project work (at the place of work) commencing 57th Batch Post Graduate Diploma in Cooperative Business Management (PGDCBM).


    Objectives of the Programme

    • To impart the latest management concepts, techniques and practices of co- operative management to the participants.

    • To infuse and inculcate professional skills and attitude in participants to manage cooperatives effectively.

    • To expose the participants to the actual functioning of cooperatives through field visits to various cooperative institutions.


    Need of the Programme:

    Education, training and information are in the core of cooperatives as it is the fifth principle of cooperatives, safeguarded by the ICA

    • The PGDCBM programme enables participants from the cooperative and allied areas to equip with the appropriate managerial knowhow to meet the emerging challenges of today’s business environment.

    • Through PGDCBM programme, participating officials will be able to learn how to cooperate, participate and manage the co-operative they are employed with. Furthermore, PGDCBM program equips the participant with an important asset in attracting and maintaining membership but also in ensuring sustainability.

    • The program provides in-depth knowledge and information to participants about application of the principles, practice and methods of cooperation as a way of conducting business.

    • In order to build strong member-controlled co-operatives and involve the Youth, Women and Weaker sections of Society, emphasis on participating in PGDCBM program is a must