About Us

    Vision, Mission and Focus


    VAMNICOM is conceived as an intellectual nerve centre for the co-operative movement. It caters to management development through training, education, research and consultancy needs of various co-operative organisations, government departments and other national bodies.


    The mission of VAMNICOM is to facilitate building cadres of professional managers to man key positions in the ever growing number of co-operatives through management development, training, education, research and consultancy.


    • Improve the decision making skills and administrative competence of practicing managers in the co-operative sector.

    • Provide educational facilities for young men and women seeking career in management through the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) & Post Graduate Diploma in Co-operative Business Management (PGDCBM), Programmes.

    • out applied research and disseminate the information through publications in addition to library retrieval and documentation services.

    • Assist organisations in solving their management problems by providing consultancy services.

    • Participate in and contribute to the formulation of policy for co-operatives.

    • Collaborate with other institutions in India and abroad to further its objectives.